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By Matt
Posts:  22522
Joined:  Mon Apr 21, 2008 11:28 pm
This is absolutely horrible news, but I wanted to share it with members here in case any of you knew him.

Last night I received an email from someone asking if I would be interested in helping relocate a large collection of carnivorous plants in Grants Pass (about 45 miles from where I live). The owner passed away recently and he grew all sorts of species of carnivorous plants. The person emailing me sent a video along with the email. I already suspected whose collection it might be because our little CP community isn't so large and I know most of the people in the area who grow. It was confirmed as soon as I saw the video. The collection belonged to Jerry Jackson. He was a member here under the username jrj88 and active on most other CP forums as well.

Jerry was 75, which is pretty aged, so I thought perhaps he died of some disease or natural causes. I Googled "Jerry Jackson Grants Pass obituary" and found this: ... 56801.html

I couldn't believe it! Jerry had been to my house several times to buy and trade plants and he even spent a day here one time helping me pot flytraps. I had met his wife Joann several times as well. Both were very kind people and certainly not deserving of a violent end to their lives such as this. It's an outrage that someone should lose their lives in that way. I'm angered and sad and in disbelief.
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By CPCaliLivin
Posts:  252
Joined:  Sun Mar 01, 2015 5:44 am
I can't believe people can commit terrible crimes like this. May Jerry and Joann rest in peace.
By David F
Posts:  1649
Joined:  Sun Jan 02, 2011 8:41 pm
Wow, very surprising. Seems like they lived in a rural area too? Very unusual, my heart does sink reading that article.
By hollyhock
Posts:  5557
Joined:  Thu Mar 05, 2015 8:56 am
Matt I am so sorry for the loss of your friends in such a senseless act of violence. There are no words to describe the kind of coward that would kill 2 elderly people in their own home. None that I can post anyway...
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By stitz25b
Posts:  2247
Joined:  Mon Sep 27, 2010 11:10 am
Thats terrible. My wishes to him and his family.
By plantdreamer
Posts:  10
Joined:  Fri Jun 26, 2015 1:50 am
My deepest condolences to the family. I'm sorry to hear such bad news about your friend. I honestly don't know what is going on in the minds of some people, to do something so awful and inhumane. My he forever rest in peace, and be honored as the warm, kind soul, that he was.
By katya_dog1
Posts:  2412
Joined:  Sat Aug 09, 2014 1:45 pm
That's terrible. My condolences to his family, there's no way to make up for that. Requiescat in pace Jerry and Joann.
By treez
Posts:  37
Joined:  Sun Feb 22, 2015 7:11 pm
That is awful to hear. Condolences and prayers for his familt
By Grey
Posts:  3255
Joined:  Mon Jul 26, 2010 3:48 pm
I'm so very sorry for your loss, Matt, and thank you for letting us know about this. It's devastating and shaking to know that a life so close to the community has been cut short, and must be nerve-wracking for the wider community.
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By Jaws
Posts:  1304
Joined:  Sun Apr 18, 2010 11:11 pm
Evil scum that did it, needs to rot in hell.
I live in England but i so want the death penalty back for crimes where 100% no question of guilt for murder.
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