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By za419
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They should all be fine as long as the pieces you're feeding are the right size (~1/3rd of the trap).

I find that easiest to accomplish with bloodworms (and I think they're the most nutritionally dense, but I could be wrong), but whatever works for you should do.
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By schmeg
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Information that was valuable to me when I started keeping flytraps:

Bloodworm fish food is actually a fly larvae. Since carnivorous plants are seeking nutrients from insects, to me it makes 100% sense to stick with insects -- not to give them actual worm invertebrates (annelids, etc.), shellfish, algae, fish meal, grains, or all the other things that can end up in fish food.

Successful growers have learned that nothing beats the regular natural environment of flytraps: lots of direct sun, catching their own fresh bugs, and winter dormancy (no hand-feeding during this rest period).

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Edited to add: I acknowledge the OP was only asking about "worm" types that are also insect larvae. Dried mealworms, etc. would still fit the insect nutrient source. The dried mealwormy things I feed my hens have a relatively hard outer layer. No prob for a hen, but might add a lot of indigestible roughage for a flytrap.

In my experience, the tiny red bloodworms sold as fish food (dried or frozen) have a delicate thin outer layer.
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