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By boarderlib
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A lot of the differences you see are because what works for one person, may not work for the next. Mainly because of different conditions.

As Benurmanii mentioned the best way to be successful with these plants is to learn about their natural habitat.

Smooter, and cjpflaumer also offered great advice. Befriending people and asking people who are successful for growing tips is a great idea. Along with following the majority.

As a beginner you need to be somewhat flexible in the way you take care of your plants. Do little experiments your self to see what works best for you. Get two Sarrs, pot one in LFSM pot one in peat, after a couple months you'll know which is a better media for your conditions. Don't try to steer to far off the beaten path as a beginner though. That's why most growers will recommend getting cheap replaceable plants to begin with, and not jumping on the hardest to grow on your wishlist. Baby steps.

Happy growing! ... 30434.html ... 31990.html
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By w03
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IMO everyone's recommendations will differ slightly, especially since plants respond differently to the bazillions of different variables in our growing environments.
To get the basics it's good to understand their habitats and pick up info from both knowledgeable growers and websites, but in the end nothing will trump simple experience. Most plants, especially the common species, have a bit of leeway and won't die instantly if something is wrong. If there is something off, the plants will tell you by not growing well, and you have time to fix it and tweak to what is best in your conditions.

Of course, what boarderlib says still holds very true - don't start off with something like N. villosa or D. schizandra as your first plant - hone your skills on some beginner species and move up.
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