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By Feline Ferocity
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Joined:  Sun Sep 07, 2014 10:30 pm
it ain't easy, being cheesy.. Jon hahaha :P
By Daniel_G
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Joined:  Thu Mar 25, 2010 7:27 pm
I've already made like, 3 posts on here, kinda feel like making another :lol:
By Koolwalah
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Joined:  Wed Aug 27, 2014 2:08 pm
Nice to meet you too Maria!

Lol! I need to start hiding a bag of Cheetos behind me in some pics!
By kcbugs
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Joined:  Mon Apr 07, 2014 3:07 pm
I'm Jeff.

A structural designer by trade, and of course, CP enthusiast. I used to collect and sell invertebrates, mostly arachnids (hence the kcbugs handle). I've also kept and bred reptiles. I guess I just like things that eat other things...

In my spare time, which is less and less these days, I also play snare drum in a bagpipe band. I'll soon have to give this up, however, as it is really becoming more and more difficult to put in the time necessary to do really well with it. I took first place in my solo competition in St. Louis just a few short weeks ago. Here's a video of that glorious moment:

Aside from all that. I work too much, and am finding plants as a very satisfying means of escape. I've truly been blessed by keeping these little, beautiful monsters!

Best to all,
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By keitarofox
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Joined:  Tue Aug 24, 2010 1:28 am
Hello everyone! My name is Connor. I am 20 years old now (birthday wasn't too long ago and can't get over that I am 20).

Here is a picture of me:Image

I have quite a few hobbies and am constantly bouncing back and forth between them. I grow carnivorous plants, and also have a pet tarantula. I've gotten back into collecting Pokemon cards. I do quite a bit of sketching even though I am no good at it. I read lots of books. I am currently reading Jane Eyre and have a thing for Murakami and Vonnegut. Also, I am an avid A Song of Ice and Fire fan and love discussing theories and the books in general.

I run because I enjoy it and it makes me feel good. I have been a vegetarian for about 10 years now (I have lost track).

As for gaming, I am a World of Warcraft player. I recently cancelled my account because I should be saving, but plan on putting it back on soon. I play a shaman :3 I also have Steam and love playing games with others. That's most of the fun of it! I also really love games like Mass Effect (I'm actually planning another playthrough soon).

I'm working on getting my bachelor's degree in biology and my ultimate goal is research. I am planning on getting my master's (I'm thinking molecular biology). I love learning. Anything else you want to know, just ask!
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By KissMegan
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Joined:  Thu Feb 06, 2014 1:07 am
I feel like I'm a little late to jump on the bandwagon here but it's better late than never :D I've been MIA on the forums for a couple months due to school. You all probably know me as Megan but I go by Lulu as well (my real name). When I was little my dad didn't want me having an arabic name so my mom said Megan was the English version of Lulu so yea some of my friends call me Megan some Lulu. Enough about that :D
I played piano my whole life my favorite composer is Chopin. I'm currently nearly finished with college double majoring in criminal justice and dental hygiene. I take 18-19 units a semester and get pretty busy so that's why I go MIA here occasionally.
I got into CPs 6 years ago now mainly because of my extreme phobia of bugs. I mean extreme... can't even look at them. I'm a pretty average girl. I like video games (usually survival horror) but I play almost everything except COD, and i like my plants and I like animals. But ya that's pretty much all :) simple stuff :D
There's me with the dark hair :3
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By ps3isawesome
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Joined:  Sat Jul 26, 2014 7:09 pm
My name is Steve, I was born in Taiwan and grew up in Northern California. I am completely fluent in English and Mandarine (culture as well). When I visited Taiwan and China, most people can't tell I grew up in the US, they assume I'm native. I just received my bachelors in Business Marketing - Decision Science. In the future I'd like to go back to school and study psychology. I love school and would study my whole life I if didn't have to work. My heart and passion is in social inequalities and injustices. Most of my self-studies and reading focuses on such subjects, the book I'm reading right now is Captive Gender. I also believe in the broader view which means I believe people and businesses are intimately connected and corporations must consider all parties and not just themselves. Social responsibility must be a priority alongside profit and should be differentiated from corporate philanthropy. I am aspired to spread knowledge on the negative consequences of marketing and ultimately change the belief that profit maximization and social responsibilities are mutually exclusive. Lastly, I'm an ally of the LGBT community and has spent most of my community service hours creating a friendlier and more welcoming community in our area. I love my dog bobby the 13 year old beagle and he's an extremely important part of my life. I got into Cps when I was in high school and is continuing my passion now that I'm done with school. During my free time, I like to connect with my friends and play some video games (mostly RPGs). Final Fantasy and Resident Evil franchise die hard fan here. One of the most memorable moments of my life was when I backpacked in China and traveled through 7 provinces and 20+ cities.



By sPacer
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Joined:  Fri May 28, 2010 3:30 am
Wow, after reading my entry from 2010, so much has changed! And I realize how much I miss the coast, but it is just an hour drive away. I am now single, not liking that really, but I'm working on it. I will be 47 in April, though thanks to good genetics and staying out of the sun, I still have a lot of young energy and often get carded, LOL. I own a home in Saint Helens Oregon, which is about 30 miles North of Portland. We are 39 miles from Mt St Helens, and it looms on the horizon like doomsday, Very large and blindingly white this time of year. To the South of it is Mt Adams, again, snow capped, and resembles the "Prudential Rock". To the South of it, we can see the chiseled peaks of Mt Hood. During the Summer it looks as if the sun rises out of the point of Mt Hood and it is very cool and inspiring. Saint Helens is a gloomy town, lots of knobby hillls and gulleys, the areas are terraced and there are many dead end streets and triangular intersections. It is often foggy here and often raining on days that are sunny near by. I am about 300 feet from the Columbia River, and and can hear fog whistles day and night as barges the size of many city blocks are tugged up stream to Portland. This town also takes Halloween very seriously. Much of it is said to be haunted, which one might guess anyway as you make your way through old town with the old gray stone buildings and Glorious gothic victorian architecture. The structures and bridges between here and North Portland are also just off-the-hook cool and mesmerizing.

I am sort of re-connecting with a lot of things I didn't have time or space for over the years. I love to oil paint, and worked as a professional pictorial artist in the past, creating photo-real displays of products for commercial outdoor advertisers. I have painted more than my share of 40 ft long new cars and things like work boots or appliances on billboards lining I-5 through the state.
I am re-connecting to my CP addiction also. It is hard to believe that I first took interest and began to attempt to grow VFT nearly 40 years ago. I am assembling collection of CP again, and building a cold frame greenhouse within the next couple of weeks, it will be 8x12. I still have a massive collection of Darlingtonia, maybe a few thousand of them, and that after selling and trading quite a few recently. A decade ago I ran a CP "drop-shipping" business, and would sell wholesale to website owners who would offer our products at a mark up, then I would ship them where they needed to go, with the site's return address. I would also provide support for questions they might get from customers. That went really well until the nation's supply of propagated VFT dried up. Over the years I have grown countless thousands of all sorts of CP, and always enjoyed it, they are Always on my mind and I have vivid dreams of finding Drosera plants in new and old places.
I live with my adorable 5 year old Maltese pup, his name is Blacky, he got a pirate name since he was born on the coast. He is 17 pounds which is Huge for a Maltese, and he is tough as nails, incredibly strong like a little tank. We adopted a Sister for him last year, her name is Mandy-Lou, and she is a mixed breed, smaller than Blacky. She is sarcastic and funny, and was all smiles from day 1 with us. We were ready for each other I guess.
I have played guitar since 1981 or so, and gravitated toward heavy metal which I still love to play. My listening preferences have changed, and I most often listen to traditional jazz, my heroes include John Coltrane, Duke Ellington, and Hiromi Uehara, who I think Everybody should check out, she is flat-out AMAZING, and I was thrilled to meet her last Spring.
I currently play guitar in a Portland metal band called Arachnid, and we are fairly active with shows at this time. It has been a lot of fun, we have some great shows coming up in the area.
Pictures and links about all of this will follow. Thanks for reading! -Phil

Current band page-
Here is a vid of an Arachnid show last September (2014) "Webs of Doom"
My youtube page with music and other vids from over the past 20+ years-
Artworks from childhood to current- ... 467&type=3
CP Collections from the past 2 decades- ... 467&type=3
Heavy Metal!!- ... 467&type=3

pic below: Show gear. All circa mid 1980's. The Gibson is a Firebrand SG Deluxe, a 1983, it was my first guitar, I bought it that year and still play it more than my newer ones.
pic below: Manders-Lou
pic below: Mt St Helens as seen from the clearing at the end of my street.
pic below: Playing at the Hawthorne Theater in Portland in 12/2014
pic below: The spooky St John's Bridge, very inspiring.
pic below: Me in Central Oregon near Warm Springs. In the high desert. Most of the state is high desert, actually.
pic below: Me and Blacky at Multnomah Falls in the Columbia River Gorge.
pic below: Hanging out with the Trailer Park Boys! This was after one of their stage shows in Portland.
pic below: Camping sabbatical on the beach in 2011. I went all caveman-like.
pic below: With my last band, GAME OVER, at the Red Room in Portland.
pic below: My Blacky-Bear. I do Everything for him, he is my pride and joy and the reason I carry on. Pure awesomeness :)
pic below: A tree that very much resembles an elephant, at Oswald Park North of Manzanita Oregon.
pic below: Playing bass with legendary Portland death-metal band Spawn in 05/2013
pic below: Showing a dormant Cobra plant that was at the end of a stolon root several feet long. In the background, a painting of St Helens I did on the woodshed with leftover indoor latex colors in 10/2013.
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By Daniel_G
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Joined:  Thu Mar 25, 2010 7:27 pm
Always popping back up as a different guy.

My first post on here was me at 12 years of age I think. I remember that version of me... I hate him :lol: Apologies to all of you who remember mini-obnoxious-know-it-all Daniel ;)

So anyway, I've changed a lot since last time I posted a little bio of myself on here, so I guess it's only fair that I give you the low down of who's hiding behind this screen!

So I'm Dan, from Sheffield in the UK! I'm sixteen, seventeen in a few months! I've lived in a few places in my time, born in Bristol (Oo-arr!) and then at around five years of age my family (Mum, dad and my older brother) moved to Wales (Alright butty?!). We had a few good years there before my parents decided to split up. It hit my pretty hard at the time, but now I prefer just one parent at a time, and would really find it hard having another male telling me what to do. (I live with my mum, and brother. Needless to say, mum's in charge :lol:) I don't really have much of a relationship with my dad anymore, it's been about 5 months since I've seen him last, but we talk on the phone. I suppose that's just a side effect of not seeing the guy, but he's a lovely person, and still a big part of my life.
Anyhow! I've lived in Sheffield since then, and love it here, it's a really physical city, built on seven hills, so walking anywhere takes effort, and I do a lot of that.

My friends are one of the biggest parts of my life, a couple of years ago I got into a really good group of people my age, and that's really helped me develop, they're probably the main reason I don't spend so much time with my plants anymore. We all have a relationship based on too much hugging and taking the mick out of each other, the Yorkshire humour basically relies on insults :lol: But yeah, it's nice to just have people to hang around with :)

Another large part of my life is my religion, I'm a Jehovah's Witness (Knock knock ;) ) and got baptised as one at 14. I spend quite a bit of time preaching, but in the sign language field (More on that later) I'm grateful for it, as it's resulted in me being pretty good at public speaking, and I can spell useless names like Mahershalalhashbaz with no problem!

And now that little bit on sign language! I moved into a sign language congregation to help out around a year and a half ago. I went into it knowing nothing at all. I'm really grateful for the opportunity, as before that point I'd never met a D/deaf person, and now I'm good friends with a few. I study sign at college too, but had to start at level 1. I'm hoping to keep progressing with it and hopefully become a freelance interpreter eventually. So far I can hold a conversation with ease, but sometimes I'll just blank completely and just have to apologise profusely!

Hobby wise, I enjoy keeping my plants, and do study horticulture, currently at level 3. It's a lot of writing, but I love it, and it's given me a lot of knowledge on the subject. I also really love walking when I get the chance, it's about the only exercise that I'm good at, and I like the chance to relax and have a chance to think. I walk a lot in life anyway, but there's a big difference between walking in a city and walking through the countryside. I have to pace myself though. Around a year ago I had surgery to correct a strangulated testicle (Lovely, I know) and while it's all sorted, I'm in the minority of people who have long term pain. Most days are a lottery, it can be barely anything, or stop me from walking at all. It's certainly changed my life, but I've mellowed a lot because of it :lol: Just wish it wasn't so painful
I also really love music, I'm really into Muse, The Zutons, Radiohead, Interpol and basically most rock. I can't think of any genres that I don't really listen to. Death Metal is a tad heavy for my taste though :P I play the piano too, and that's another one of my ways to relax. I'm not exactly good, but I can keep trying!

What do I look like?? Well here's some more up to date pics.(All from last week's holiday to Snowdon)


The one on your left is Jared, a very good friend of mine. We're the best definition of "bromance" ever :lol:

So basically that's me, as of 2015. I guess in a few years I'll be needing another post :P

(Thought I'd add that caffeinated drinks and practically all foods play a big part in my life too!)
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By SEWinans
Posts:  772
Joined:  Wed May 25, 2011 12:51 pm
I haven't ever posted to this thread before largely because I am so boring.

My name is Sarah and I am from Apalachin, NY. I am 29 years old and I have a son who will be turning 5 August 3rd.

I am a Rad. Tech. with OR at a local hospital.

I LOVE reptiles and carnivorous plants. I had to rehome all of my reptilian babies when I had my son. I miss them everyday. I filled that void with carnivorous plants. And that's how the obsession began. The end.
image.jpg (162.91 KiB) Viewed 9564 times
image.jpg (68.62 KiB) Viewed 9564 times
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By Matt
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It's been four years since we "met", Sarah, and I finally feel like I know a bit about you :)

I think I picked up most of the information about your job and son, but I must have either forgotten you enjoyed reptiles or somehow missed it when talked about on the forums.

Thanks for sharing! Hopefully you can get back into the reptile hobby some day too :)
By yellowjacket7
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Joined:  Tue Jun 02, 2015 10:26 pm
That's a beautiful snake. That's an albino Burmese right? I love those pythons, they are always so pretty.

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By chevyguy8893
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There isn't much to say about myself, but here it goes.

My real name is Adam and I am 28. I use to work as a Chevrolet mechanic after graduating with degrees in automotive technology as well as alternative fuels. Basically, that wasn't for me (for many reasons) and ended up going back to school after around 4 years of work to receive a bachelors degree in Biology (ecology focus). While getting my Biology degree I worked as a Chemistry lab teaching assistant for a few years, and then ended up becoming the Chemistry lab technician. I also had multiple research projects running, one of which got myself and my research partner into a graduate level international conference (which was pretty exciting).

Straight out of school I got a job doing what I wanted to with the National Park Service as a biologist doing wetland restoration work. Despite loving the job, I do plan to return to school to get a master's degree, and possibly continue for a PhD. I do have multiple hobbies other than growing carnivorous plants; hiking, road cycling (recreational only), camping, aquariums (mostly to cultivate aquatic plants), riding four-wheelers or dirt bikes, and whatever else I can find to do outside. As long as I stay busy I am happy :).

That is pretty much it, so here is a more recent photo of me at work. The odd look on my face is because I hate having my photo taken, but my friend/coworker got one anyway. At that point we were out collecting sedge seeds and keying out some other sedges.
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