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By sanz
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I have several types of carnivorous plants but I mostly collect Drosera
I like to collect many kinds of drosera, so if anyone wants to send some seeds I'd be happy to receive them :mrgreen:


Cephalotus Follicularis

Venus Flytrap

Venus Flytrap 'Cupped Trap'
Venus Flytrap 'Rouge Sombre'
Venus Flytrap 'Coq Couche'
Venus Flytrap 'Alien'
Venus Flytrap 'Sharks Teeth'
Venus Flytrap 'Fused Tooth'


Drosera Capensis 'Typical'
Drosera Capensis 'Red'
Drosera Capensis x Aliciae
Drosera Omissa x Pulchella
Drosera Helodes x Pulchella
Drosera Lanata x Ordensis
Drosera Paradoxa
Drosera Kenneallyi
Drosera Petiolaris
Drosera Derbyensis
Drosera Ordensis
Drosera Madagascariensis
Drosera Tokaiensis
Drosera Capillaris
Drosera Affinis
Drosera Burmannii
Drosera Adelae
Drosera Binata Var. Multifida
Drosera Binata Var. Dichotima 'Giant'

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