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By Jade
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Joined:  Mon Feb 05, 2024 6:57 pm
So I got sent 2 little cups of mixed drosera seedlings that ChefDean kindly grew for new folks and gave through the seed bank. I got them and was going to wait as advised until they were about a cm across to repot them, but I haven’t been able to tell if they are even doing okay or if I’m messing them up because they were shipped very well (lots of tape to get through lol), and they had a wet paper towel over the seedlings, but it kinda mooshed them down so I just wanted to know if they look ok and also are they probably gonna pop back up or should I be doing something else?

The one on the pink tray are the rosette mix, and the green one is the cape mix.
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By ChefDean
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Those do look like they got overheated in transit. But sundews don't like changing conditions, being shipped, being looked at cross-eyed, Tuesdays, or being breathed on wrong. Put them in a tray to keep the media wet, put them on a sunny windowsill, and give them time.
If they end up not making it, we'll get some more headed your way.
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By Jade
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Joined:  Mon Feb 05, 2024 6:57 pm
I don’t know how you would even tell they might be overheated. And I thought that these were basically like the weeds (to some) of the CP kingdom. Like you could do anything and they’d grow anyway.

Anyhow thank you for the sage advice as always. I will do all those things. I just didn’t know if they could actually pop back up, but it seems like most CPs can as long as you do the right stuff. :D
By Jade
Posts:  255
Joined:  Mon Feb 05, 2024 6:57 pm
I so far have a rosette that is trying really hard to get better. I think the capes might be shot, but I’m still waiting just in case they make a comeback.
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