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By Wolfcub258
Posts:  42
Joined:  Wed Jan 03, 2024 7:12 pm
Hey everyone I was wondering if anyone can identify this species of sundew I’ve been growing for almost a year now. They’ve been flowering non-stop for over 5 months now. They’re a rosetted species and for scale the pot they’re in is a 5 inch pot. These guys are not very big overall. Any help is appreciated!

I got them after sowing seeds from a drosera seed mixture I bought off of eBay. The seller did list possible species included if that helps, I’ll attach a photo of that list below. Oddly enough, for a seed mixture every single seed that germinated grew the same plant…
IMG_5711.jpeg (146.18 KiB) Viewed 328 times
IMG_5710.jpeg (2.25 MiB) Viewed 328 times
IMG_5709.jpeg (3.81 MiB) Viewed 328 times
By Wolfcub258
Posts:  42
Joined:  Wed Jan 03, 2024 7:12 pm
MikeB wrote: Wed May 22, 2024 3:36 am I would say they're either spatulata or tokaiensis.
Okay wow they do actually look a lot like D. Spatulata. I thought for sure I googled each of the possible species before to compare. Not sure how that flew under the radar. Thanks!
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