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By Brock
Posts:  16
Joined:  Mon Apr 08, 2024 1:32 am
I'm not sure if anyone is familiar with Korean natural farming. With carnivores plants I think there's no npk. A lot of it is beneficial bacteria hormones and natural nutrients. I've tried to reach out to people using organic or fermented fertilizer with orchids but everyone is just focused on building their soil. I want to also mount some carnivores plants. I'm even going to try with a flytrap. I think epiphytic pitchers would be a good place to start
By Brock
Posts:  16
Joined:  Mon Apr 08, 2024 1:32 am
The red max sea or whatever fertilizer. Can I drop a bug in the pitcher? I'm going to post in the fertilizer forum or just read what's been posted. I'm trying to achieve healthy plants. With lactobassilcus people take it as a probiotic. Mold isn't algae I think the pots I have have some algae. The American plants I know are from bogs. No salt no minerals pure water is what seems to be it. Now I was taking to a plant guy decades ago he was bringing up the fact that humans have trace levels of arsenic in our bodies and he doesn't recommend distilled water for sun dews. Tap water depends on where you live. If I mount the plants and a pristine bog is what the ecosystem is or what I want to create. People will use spring tails for cynobacteria. I kind of want to plants to make sure there's no bugs its just a plus in my eyes. Now a beneficial bacteria why would it harm a plant maybe but why would it be beneficial. I want the healthiest plants I can get. Maybe pure water and thats about it is the way to achieve that. Just curious if anyone has experimented with anything. I bring up lab its supposed to increase terms like crazy it fight mold and mildew will take plants out of nutrient lock but those things don't really exist with these plants. Even mycorrhzae doesn't benefit every plant that grows in soil and the ones it does it helps with watering and potassium. I'm trying to figure out what microbiology exist with carnivores plants. They way they evolved probably none.
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