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By Adrien
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Yo Yo what’s up everybody, SnappyPlants is once again dropping a giveaway on us and the rules are simple.

Join my discord, linked here:

Once you’re in, reach level 25! For additional entries you can go above and beyond level 25 and gain an entry for every +10 levels you reach.

How do you reach level 25? Well, you must engage in genuine conversation with fellow enthusiasts and be active in the server. A server bot here will give you a level/rank depending on activity.

For even more additional entries, you can show off your SnappyPlants Purchases! For example, showing me where you placed a snappy decal will give you +3 entries, showing me a shirt will add +6 entries, showing the Snappy Sarracenia Poster will add +8 entries, showing off the Snappy Pots will add +10 entries, and showing off a plant you’ve purchased from me will add +15 entries! (These are stackable if you buy more than one item of each except for the pots. To gain these extra entries, you must have already gained, or surpass a level of 25)

Go even further beyond and share my Instagram or giveaway with friends, in groups or anywhere online to gain +30 entries!! (The 30 entries will only be added once you reach or surpass level 25. If you share my giveaway, or Instagram to bring in new people but have not reached level 25 by the time the giveaway period is over, you will not receive the entires or be entered.)

This giveaway starts now and will end on May 31, 2024. The winner will be announced the following day and they will be responsible for shipping.


*Agnes is a clone I was able to grow to a pitcher size of over 3 inches, this giant is a fast grower that can obtain great coloration. This size would be worth around $100*
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