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Say hello and tell everyone a bit about yourself.

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By Michael Carty
Posts:  2
Joined:  Wed Feb 21, 2024 4:50 am
I’m Michael, I’ve grown carnivorous plants all of my life ever since I watched a David Attenborough documentary as a kid. Adult life has gotten in the way, but I would like to start growing a lot of plants from seed. I’ve noticed a decline in quality from my local nurseries. I’m from Dallas btw.
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By wcrosman
Posts:  460
Joined:  Thu Apr 14, 2022 2:03 am
Welcome. Lots of seeds here, and that’s not a comment about our members. Jk lol
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By Intheswamp
Posts:  3420
Joined:  Wed May 04, 2022 2:28 pm
Welcome to the forum, Michael. Be careful...that seed bank is addictive!!! :mrgreen:
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By Hedonista
Posts:  149
Joined:  Fri Jan 05, 2024 2:21 pm
Hi Michael, welcome from Minnesota!
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By Jedikinigit
Posts:  107
Joined:  Sun Dec 03, 2023 5:35 pm
Welcome back to the hobby.

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