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By Lilyofthevalley9
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Joined:  Thu Jan 05, 2023 12:59 am
My idea
-overall dimensions 30" x30" x 75"
-PVC pipe frame with plexiglass drilled in securely on all sides (plastic wrap works but not as durable to the elements especially in the winter.
-plastic pond liner on the bottom with lavastone underneath. No holes on bottom to prevent mineral leaching from below.
-4 PVC pipes on sides of pond liner for drainage and overflow.
-1/2" round hole on top to allow bugs to fly in but a clear mesh net with 1/4 inch diameter holes underneath to prevent birds from gaining access. Round PVC plug included.
-rain pipe in center with a PVC pond overflow hooked in to allow water to funnel in and mesh to cover the opening.
-the top section with a roof will have a section to hang plastic pots or nets and put pots on top

This is just a rough plan/prototype. If there is anything I should improve I would love your input.

I plan on making a limited number of these kits to donate to the forum moderators once spring comes around. I think 2 is good for a start.
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