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By PlantBro
Posts:  9
Joined:  Tue Feb 07, 2023 6:29 am
I have around 12 seedlings all the same age (around 11 months) with 4 being significantly larger. A good percentage of them have divided at least once. Is this something that is normal? Average amount of traps for the healthier ones is around 15, some with 20. One has a visible dangling root from smaller traps. Thanks
By PlantBro
Posts:  9
Joined:  Tue Feb 07, 2023 6:29 am
I’m bad at taking pics, but here’s a few. One is before cleaning, next 2 after cleaning the main one, and other is 2 different seedlings.
IMG_7462.jpeg (2.82 MiB) Viewed 212 times
IMG_7458.jpeg (2.75 MiB) Viewed 212 times
IMG_7457.jpeg (2.45 MiB) Viewed 212 times
IMG_7451.jpeg (2.83 MiB) Viewed 212 times
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