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By ChefDean
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Woo hoo!
The Nashville Public Library has a program that collects donated milkweed and pollinator seeds, then distributes them to growers to help a number of critters, primarily the Monarch Butterfly. I am an avid donor to this program, having donated thousands of seeds from many species of milkweed and other flowering plants.
Today, I was asked to be, at the very least, a consultant for a young man's vision to create a container garden in front of one of the libraries. He is contemplating a carnivorous plant garden, but is unsure of how to proceed.
Kind of a different spin, a carnivorous plant garden grown by people who are trying to help insects, but I think I can steer them to a happy medium where butterflies won't be affected.
This could be very fun!
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By DragonsEye
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Well at least most cps aren’t a danger to larger butterflies like monarchs.
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