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By alecStewart1
Posts:  187
Joined:  Tue Oct 11, 2022 9:45 pm
Hello friends!

So right now my setup for the plants is pretty basic. They're on a table and they get light from some Amazon grow lights I got for like 20-30 bucks and a cool-air humidifier I got from CVS for like $40. They're all doing fairly well, actually. The only worries or scares are from me worrying too much and not being patient. Plants don't necessarily perk up from stress overnight, I have to remind myself. Or, recently, the excess humic acid build up in the Cape Sundew's medium (run off was a little too brownish orange for my liking) and excess sunlight on the same sundews (grow lights were too close, new and old leaves were turning red and tips of some new leaves were turning black).

I'd like to have my table back, though :lol: , so I thought I'd buy a shelf and some grow lights to put the gang on. I thought I could by a nice shelf and some grow lights that I could attach to the bottoms of each self. Except everything I found that was relatively nice was around $250 and looking on Amazon there's shelves with T8 lights for under 200:

Do y'all have any recommendations/suggestions?
By alecStewart1
Posts:  187
Joined:  Tue Oct 11, 2022 9:45 pm
Alright, I have an idea for a setup from stuff from Amazon:

Shelves (just realized I spelled it wrong in the title), the 4-tier version: ... B08R68HF7K
Grow lights, potentially get 2 8-packs: ... B07VD1884R
Bins, may not need these necessarily: ... B000E7MTUI

Cold air humidifier sits on top shelf, adding some more humidity. During the day keep the window open, at night close it to bump up humidity. Could potentially split 1 8-pack of lights into groups of 2 for the bottom of each shelf. Get some sort of mesh cover for the lights that will be for plants that don't like super direct light.

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