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Discussions about growing with minimal or no organic growing medium.

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By BoothEatsBUGS
Posts:  438
Joined:  Thu Mar 15, 2012 5:41 am
So if you are following my plant photo thread linked below, ... 17459.html

You have seen this new S. Venosa x Flava Kimber.

Well seeing how others are naming their plants I decided to name this one Scarlet. Scarlet is special, I've decided to have my go at hydroponic carnivores. I have always been interested in hydroponic gardening and since I read that Sarracenia like wet feet I figured I'd have a go at it.

Here's day 1.

I used WASHED**** (until i got to 20ppm) clay pebbles and I carefully wrapped wet sphagnum around the rhizome and the top part of the root system
I then put a thing layer of the pebbles at the bottom of the pot (3 in. hydroponic net pot) and filled in around the plant

Placed Scarlet in my bog and there you have it, we'll see how this experiment goes!
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By parker679
Posts:  1642
Joined:  Mon Mar 14, 2011 8:34 pm
Beautiful plant.

What makes this different than how you've been growing the plants so far other than the addition of the clay pellets?

Isn't your bog already an ebb and flow hydroponic set-up?

I know you said you're still tweaking the flood cycle because your soil was drying. My concern would be this media is going to dry much quicker and increasing the flood schedule to keep it moist may keep your other plants too wet.

Hydro goes soil less because the nutrients are carried by the water. But because there's no soil for water retention you water more frequently. If you have a soil less pot and a soiled pot in the same tray it's going to be hard to keep both happy.

Just playing Devil's Advocate. Either way I'm interested in how this turns out. I've always felt CP's would work well in a hydro set-up that uses nutrient free solution because it's not too much water that causes rot but the lack of oxygen in a constantly saturated soil.
By parker679
Posts:  1642
Joined:  Mon Mar 14, 2011 8:34 pm
BoothEatsBUGS wrote:Scarlet will get her own system, I jsut put her in the bog for now until I get another light rack :)
LoL, then never mind.

In that case, are you going to try some other species to see how they like it? Dionaea, Drosera, etc.
By BoothEatsBUGS
Posts:  438
Joined:  Thu Mar 15, 2012 5:41 am
Drosera are next. I already have a bunch of leaf cuttings that have been in water for about 3 months or so and the plantlets are growing out of the water like it was soil. These cutting plantlets will be getting hydro treatment as well as my binata dichotoma giant.

Also maybe I'll report this new bristletooth and grow that hydroponically as well, it was free and I have a bunch of them.
By BoothEatsBUGS
Posts:  438
Joined:  Thu Mar 15, 2012 5:41 am
Im still not sure if I can run a DWC (deep water culture) set up with these plants. For those who dont know, DWC the roots are basically constantly submerged in water. I'm thinking I have to use a pump/hydro halo set up so the roots arent constantly soaked but will get enough water to stay hydrated. Being that hydroton (clay pebbles) doesn't hold moisture this is my main concern.

I'll update this thread when I get Scarlet her own watering system (probably today :P)
By Starchy
Posts:  962
Joined:  Sat Jun 02, 2012 3:58 am
You should try something like this so your roots are not always submerged. You can run it off a timer to continually flush your plant. I plan on using this exact method for my Darlingtonia, once they are a bit more mature.


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