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List the plants you grow

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By Lilyofthevalley9
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Joined:  Thu Jan 05, 2023 12:59 am
Currently grow a limited selection but recovery from a house fire has been quicker than expected.

Currently have
Sarrecenia flava var. Rubricorpa x2 medium dormant
Sarrecenia purpurea purpurea x1 medium dormant
Sarrecenia x Dreamsicle x1 mature x1 medium dormant
Nepenthes Ampullaria x Bicalcaratax1
Nepenthes Ampullaria x2
Nepenthes Gracilis x2
Heliamphora ciliata x1 small
Also have a wolf spider in one of my enclosures that just hatched it's egg sac and a Chinese mantis egg sac that hasn't hatched but will soon.

Want list
Heliamphora x Godzilla (medium)
Heliamphora heterodoxa x minor (medium)
Nepenthes Gracilis x Ampullaria (large)
Brochinnia Accuminata medium to large size
Large hanging basket highland or intermediate or highland/lowland hybrids
More sarrecenia purpurea purpurea and cobra lilies for bog garden.

Don't have a lot to offer for trades but can buy when I get paid next week. Just did a bulk order of mostly sarrecenia purpurea purpurea and sarrecenia flava var cuprea at a bad time of the year to order. Still awaiting shipment.
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