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Photos of subjects other than carnivorous plants, such as orchids, landscapes, etc.

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By wcrosman
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Joined:  Thu Apr 14, 2022 2:03 am
So I keep my plants outside on a metal table on my deck. I have a 70% sunshade over most of that area to keep the sun off my glass doors. The end of the table extends out so they get direct sunshine after about 8am until nearly sunset. The shade allow me to move the plants under it if I know a storm is coming. I had done that last night because thunderstorms were predicted.

Last night we have a hailstorm. I was dead to the world. Thankfully my wife wasn’t and she brought my plants in. 3 pots. The picture shows what left of what I manually removed from the sunshade which was resting on the table where I left my plants.
5945A2C1-9B1E-4AC0-A6E4-4884ECAB425F.jpeg (2.95 MiB) Viewed 1072 times
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By Intheswamp
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That would have smarted!
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By optique
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I had the same thing not much plant damage. had to stake up a S. flava and my big sundew parted.
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