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By Matt
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This post serves as both a forum tutorial and a list of rules. Please be aware that these rules may change at any time and all members should be aware of the current rules and abide by them when using the forums.

This website, the forum and the community are all subsidized by the FlytrapStore. Please respect this fact and do not make solicitous posts or advertise products from other stores or websites on this forum. Any posts that are deemed to be advertising or solicitous will be deleted. This includes linking to any US-based carnivorous plant store in your signature.

Posting reviews of carnivorous plants other than Venus Fly traps you've purchased from other vendors is generally fine, but it would be very much appreciated if the names of vendors who do sell Venus Fly Traps would be omitted. Posts that mention other vendors selling flytraps will likely be edited to remove vendor names.

If you wish to advertise, there are ad spaces on most pages of the site that can be purchase through Google Adwords.

1. Posting messages that are obscene, vulgar, sexually-orientated, racist, hateful, threatening, or otherwise offensive is forbidden.
2. Personal attacks, rudeness, "flame wars", and insults to others will not be tolerated. It is acceptable to challenge others' points of view and opinions, but do so respectfully and thoughtfully. Any member who threatens anyone on the forum, via private message, email, or other means will be banned immediately and without notice.
3. Please do not post the same topic in more than one forum and consider an appropriate forum before posting your question.
4. Please use the Feedback Forum for forum related questions. Private Messages should only be used for issues that cannot be discussed in the public forums.
5. Advertising for other vendors or commercial selling is not allowed in the forums. More can be read about this here: No Soliciting. This includes linking to or making solicitous posts for other carnivorous plant vendors. It is acceptable to mention where you purchased a plant, but linking to them is not. There is a forum dedicated to discussing other vendors and any posts about them should be made there. However, please be aware that posts about certain vendors may be edited or deleted at our discretion. Solicitous posts in any form are not allowed anywhere on the site. If you wish to advertise on the forum, please contact for details.
6. Spamming members via Private Message will result in permanent banning. This includes indiscriminately messaging other people with links to other forums, vendors, etc.
7. Please refrain from "bumping" threads that are more than a few months old unless you have good reason to post to them. New posts to very old threads might be deleted unless they offer some value to the thread.

1. Banner images in signatures must be no more than 100 pixels tall, and standard images no more than 150 pixels tall. (Alternately, images could be banned from sigs entirely)
2. Animated content is not allowed in signatures.
3. [youtube] tags are also not allowed in signatures; if you want to put a youtube video in your signature, use the tag. 4. Overly-formatted text in signa ... are forums

Excellent post made by moderator Grey listing reasons to add your location information: Location, Location, Location

Another excellent post made by moderator Grey explainig why posts are moved or deleted: Why Was My Post/Topic Deleted?

Anyone breaking the forum rules will have their post deleted and may be contacted by a moderator who will ask you to stop the behavior. Depending on the severity of the offense, you may be warned, temporarily suspended from posting, or permanently banned. There is generally a “three strikes you’re out” policy. If you can’t conduct yourself in a decent manner after three warnings, you will be banned from this site. The site owner, along with the moderators, will make the determination of the severity an offense and the appropriate penalty. Severe offenses may result in immediate and permanent banning.

By becoming a member of, you agree to adhere to these guidelines. These guidelines are subject to change and a current version is always available in the forums. Members are asked to follow these rules in order that we maintain the existing high standards on the forum and keep it a friendly place for everyone to visit and participate.

Thanks and Happy Posting and Growing!
The FlytrapCare Forum Staff
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By Matt
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akinkysnorlax wrote:Sounds fair. Would topics that ask "which CP vendors should I buy from" or something similar, are those topics already on the way to be deleted? Or are those acceptable without providing links?
That's a pretty vague question and it might be deleted or asked to be clarified. And any response you could get to that question would most likely be covered here: ... tml#p80361
which makes it more likely that the post would be deleted.

But if you wanted to ask about a specific vendor like "What was your experience with California Carnivores?" or something similar, that would be fine to do in the Carnivorous Plant Suppliers forum.
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