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By Anonnn
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Joined:  Wed Apr 10, 2024 9:47 pm
Wanted to know if this is true or not, honestly have heard a lot about what they need. Have heard they need cold nights like a nepenthes do, have heard they need dormancy like a Venus fly trap, and have also heard they can be grown year round with stable 77 degrees, would like to know what is true.
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By dizzle
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Anonnn wrote: Wed Apr 10, 2024 9:51 pmalso heard they can be grown year round with stable 77 degrees, would like to know what is true.
This is what I do with my cephs and they are growing perfectly fine.
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By andynorth
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Cephs are a comical plant. Some do, some don't. As in needing temp drops and or dormancy. I have mine on the same shelf in my greenhouse as my Heli. I just pulled it out of dormancy for which it came out fine. It had a couple of dead pitchers but that was to be expected. Seems to be doing really well in it's current environment. My second shelf is roughly 78 degrees F, about 8 to 10 degrees cooler than top shelf. It sees about that same temp drop at night. Whether or not this is a requirement I can not honestly say. I can say that I have read quite a bit about them and there is really no one set way that any one person follows, at least from what I have read. I think they are more in line with "whatever works for you". I started growing mine and just kind of left it to do it's thing. Find a decent sized planter to keep it in so you do not have to unnecessarily repot it. I do err on the side of being cautious to not over water. I keep just a little water in it's tray since they do not like their feet constantly wet or messed with. The book "The Savage Garden" is a really good read and has some good info about Cephs. Pic is from last week. Notice the new growth starting to come in and what appear to be flower stalks, not sure on those yet.
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By steve booth
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These are Western Australian plants so regularly get high temperatures, the growing conditions should try to replicate that. Below is a link to a chart from the Australian Bureau of Meteorology for Albany. The mean maximum temperatures are below 30°C with the annual mean number of days ≥ 30 °C being 6.0. ... _All.shtml

That said, mine in the UK get a bit of a battering in as much as they are in my greenhouse all year, so they get hot in summer and cold in winter to below freezing and stand in water all year. Yet the survive and carry on. So they aren't as delicate as you may think, they seem to do well in less than optimal conditions.
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