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By Kumie Trap
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Here are some Cultures I plotted a few days ago I'm open to any/ALL Criticism or advice!

What Kind of Setups and Specs are you guys seeing success with? (See Below the Process I used)

-Some of the very Basic stuff I'm wondering is dose anyone continue to add Harmones/nutrients or anything after they are placed in soil?
-What's your Target Temp/Humidity Range? (Anyone measuring Root/soil temp vs Air temp?)
-T5 Sun Blaze 54w is sitting a bit over 12 inches from the cultures cant make out whats normal loss or burn or if its to far away? If you are using fluorescences What placement do your cultures like?
-Anything you see and care to chime in on or share?

******See the Photos looking though the dome circled in red- Normal loss orr? Should I remove the Dying leaves immediately? *****

Here's how it went for me... the mail man came as I was out the door for work..YIKES!!!! had to rush!

I plotted the Cultures using:
- Flytrap store Soil Mix no TDS meter but I rinsed it with a gallon or so of Distilled
-I used Soil blast 006 and 007
-Only fungicide I had on hand was Daconil seems to be working ok not sure how often they'll take it
-I dipped the Random leafs/Very small ones with no root/Ryzome formation in Clonex rooting Gel just to see if It'd help? not sure if it helped or hurt
-Placed Silica Sand on most of them as a surfacer but I didn't have time to do all of them and it was challenging to do for the very small ones anyways
-Put them in a tray with a dome on a heat mat set to 85F however it usually hovers at 79/80F

**Ramesse I
**FTS Incredible Red Hulk
**All Red Giant

If any of them survive I'll consider this an absolute success..if they don't.. lessons learned can still be victories! I wish I would have taken my time and split them up a bit more BUT I WAS LATE TO WORK lo had to move fast! The plants on top of the rack are in the process of getting acclimated to full sunlight-- in case your wondering--( Alien-B52-Kronos-Trevs Dracula<-Got trev with the cultures-Red D)
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By Panman
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The only TC I've deflasked we pings. I just wished them really well with distilled water, planted them in the pots, and bagged them for a few weeks. Almost all of them took and I didn't lose any to mold.
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