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By Aging_Bourbon
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This Is Currently Underwork
ETA 1-2 weeks

Cephalotus follicularis (Australian Pitcher Plant)

Currently working on introduction
cephalotus-follicularis-0270.jpg (55.24 KiB) Viewed 21894 times

Well, over the years of growing Cephs like other CPs I've notice the care is about the same as most as you may already guess just a bit different than most take a look
  • 1). Soil!!!
    The soil for Cephalotus have to have no source of nutrients in the soil what so ever.. use nutrient free soil.. the most widely use is "standard" which is 50% Peat an 50% Perlite mix. Some grower's make there own soil recipes but i just use the standard for this plant an it works pretty good.. remember NO MIRACLE GROW!!!! Products... below i'll list some soil mixes that we here at Flytrapcare came up with.
    • Soil Mixes
      • Standard (1:peat, 1:Perlite)
      • HB Mix (1:Peat, 1:Perlite and 1:Silica Sand) By: HackerBerry
      • Steve's Standard Miix (50% sphagnum peat moss, 30% coarse silica sand, 20% perlite) By: Steve_D
      • "easy mix" or "lazy man's mix" (100% peat moss) By: lozone31

    As you all know plant need light for photosynthesis as seen below. What Cephalotus require is partial to full sun.. as for me i grow them with full sun on a window sill. if you can't get sunlight use 40 Watt Fluorescent lights for about 14 hours during the growing season and reduce it during the winter to about 12-13 hours total. but the best place to grow them is a location where they get 4+ hours of sunlight
    • Full sun= 6+ hours
    • Partial sun= 4-6 Hours
    • Photosynthesis
      CO2 + 2 H2O + photons → (CH2O)n + H2O + O2) (carbon dioxide + water + light energy → carbohydrate + oxygen + water)

    3). Water!!!
    As you all should know by now that tap water is bad! its evil! unless you know whats in the water an its okay to use. but to be on the safe side use only pure rain water or if it don't rain in your area a lot like for me use Distilled or RO unit below 50ppm Cephalotus like Sundews are sensitive to hard water an unlike sundews they like or love damp moist soil an don't really like being waterlogged. so remember the basics
    • 1) Rain, Distilled, or RO water
    • 2) No Tap Water.
      An keep the soil moist an never let it dry out.. or else you'll suffer the consequences

  • Heat Tolerance
    People think this plant is difficult when i come to "heat" an don't think that the plant will survive temps over 100F but.. Like the Cobra Lily (Darlingtonia Californica) they CAN endure the heats as long as you give them cools nights below 70F.. an recently i discovered that its essential for the over health of the plant!
    Cool nights= 70F- 65F
    here in New Mexico the day Temps can go over 100F each day but at night rarely goes below 70 so what i do is i but it next to the AC so it could get the cool night temps it needs to live.. an pop them back out the next day. an repeat so thats how they stay healthy.. hehe :D

    Well, some people say you need humidity that its essential for the plant but you all know me hehe i grow them without humidity well they probably do need it but i've notice like VFT an most CPS they don't really need it. mine are growing fine without it hehe.. so no terrarium is required

    Winter Care
    Well, winter.. hmm... In its Natural habitat Cephs will experience a "winter Rest" kinda like going dormant they will produce non carnivorous leafs.. well here's what they experience. Short day light hours an lower temperatures 55° - 70°F, 13° - 21°C.. and yes, it is essential for the plants heath. i've tryed to make them without it an they just suddenly died.. so winter rest is a must!

    if you grow you plant on a window sill like i do they should naturally go dormant since it will be exposed to lower temps by the window.. oh they can also survive i light frost..

-Type of Plants-
  • 'Eden Black'
  • 'Dudley Watts'
  • 'Crimson'
  • 'Adrian Slack
  • 'Big Boy
  • 'German Giant'
  • 'Giant'
  • 'Hummer's Giant'
  • 'Ivan’s Giant'
  • 'Julie Jones'
  • 'Phil Mann'
  • 'Vigorous Clumping'

-Common Problems-
Coming soon!


hope this help's
this will be updated regularly

Soil mixes are own an Copyrighted by Hackerberry, Steve_D and lozone31 and cannot be reproduced without permission or consent of the creater
Images provided by Google
© 2009
© 2009 Allen C. :twisted:
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By hackerberry
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Not in the fridge man, if you have a cool basement just leave it there under artificial lighting. Actually, they are not that picky in drops of temperature. Humidity is the biggest issue with them.

By Aging_Bourbon
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well that's totally up too you for me i don't i live in New Mexico where its really hot an not humid at all an i grow them just great.. but as everyone knows i push these plants to there limits an see if they can adapt.. but well i would say that you should use a terrarium..

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