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By andynorth
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So due to our weather turning really ugly and me not having any patience, I decided to start getting my plants ready for dormancy and in to garage. It is a couple weeks before I was going to start as Thanksgiving was my goal. Here are some of my Drosera, my VFT's and a few Sarrs. They are all cleaned up with haircuts and are in garage now for the winter. This is just a start. I will continue on Sunday. I did not realize just how much is involved in trimming them all up and cleaning out all the debris that blew in the pots this summer/fall. While cleaning out the Extreme Green Fancy, I discovered a couple of small Drosera Intermedia that I carefully plucked out and planted in with some of my other Drosera.
20231111_163551.jpg (2.83 MiB) Viewed 213 times
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