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By VFTnPups
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Wishlist (Venus flytraps only): Any neat looking cultivar, Dark Knight, Diablo Rouge, Diabolic Horns, Jaws Smiley, any Werewolf-type I don’t have, any GJ I don’t have, etc.

* ready to be traded


A2 (FTS)
Adentate (Diflora)
Alien (Hunter Flytraps)
All Green (Jeremiah Harris)
Amteborous (Diflora)
Angel Wings (Diflora)
AR Werewolf (Diflora)
B52 (JH)
B52 x Slack’s Giant G16 (JH)
* Belzebùb (Rainbow Carnivorous)
Big Mouth (JH)
Big Teeth Red Giant (buffalochicken1299)
Big Tomato (JH)
Bimbo (FTS)
Biohazard II (Rainbow Carnivorous)
Brutal Shark (Rainbow Carnivorous)
Carboni Ardenti (Diflora)
Carnivoria Kleopatra (Diflora)
Carnivoria Ramesse I (Diflora)
Charlie Mandon’s Spotted (buffalochicken1299)
Clumping (JH)
Colorado Giant (Raymond Baker)
Cow Couché x Up-Giant #1 (Diflora)
Cracker (Rainbow Carnivorous)
Crispy Sun (Diflora)
Cup Trap (Diflora)
Czech Giant (buffalochicken1299)
Dentate (Christian Klein)
Destroyer (hollyhock)
Diflora All Red (Diflora)
El Gecko’s Large Traps (buffalochicken1299)
Fangzahn (CK)
Fine Tooth x Red (RB)
* Flexx (Joel’s Carnivorous Plants)
FTS Big Behemoth (CK)
FTS Crimson Sawtooth (JH)
FTS Deep Red Guerrilla (JH)
* FTS Flaming Lips (FTS)
* FTS Maroon Monster (FTS) (Cooks)
FTS Purple Ambush (RB)
FTS Towering Giant (FTS)
* G16 Slack’s Giant (FTS)
Gargoyle (Diflora)
Giant Best CP Clone (JH)
Giant Clam (Diflora)
Giant Erect Form (buffalochicken1299)
Giant Upright Burgundy Trap (JH)
* Ginormous (JH)
GJ Basmati (CK)
GJ Equobia (CK)
GJ Giant Cudo (Diflora) (Rainbow Carnivorous)
GJ Giant Shark (CK)
GJ Goliath (Diflora)
GJ Titan (CK)
* GJ Titanium (CK)
Gold Strike (Diflora)
Green Wizard x Harlequin #3 (Diflora)
Grün (JH)
Hair comb (California Carnivores)
* Harlequin (Diflora)
* Hypatia (Diflora)
Jaws (Panman)
* Justina Davis (FTS)
King Henry (FTS)
La Grosse a Gui Gui (CK)
Lips & Lashes (JH)
* Louchapates (Rainbow Carnivorous)
Low Giant (FTS) (buffalochicken1299)
Mad Snappy (buffalochicken1299)
Martha’s Lips (JH)
Mega Traps G17 (JH)
Microdent (Diflora)
Miss Pimbeche (Diflora)
Moon Trap (Rainbow Carnivorous)
Orange Traps #2 (buffalochicken1299)
Periscope (Diflora)
Petite Dragon x Petite Dragon (JH)
Pinnacle (buffalochicken1299)
Plumechon (Diflora)
* Polish Dracula (FTS)
PRO Giant (CC)
Red Cup Trap (Diflora)
* Red Fused Petiole BCP F04 (Rainbow Carnivorous)
Red Line (CK)
Red Microteeth (Diflora)
Red Periscope (Diflora)
Red/Purple (JH)
Redrum (buffalochicken1299)
* Red Shark Teeth (Rainbow Carnivorous)
Rouge Sombre (Diflora)
Schup Destruction (Diflora)
* Schuppenstiel I (FTS)
* SD Draco (Cooks)
SD Kronos (Hunter Flytraps)
SD Phoenix (buffalochicken1299)
Smog (Diflora)
Space (Diflora)
Sunrise (CC)
Switzerland Giant (buffalochicken1299)
TDK 3 (CC)
Trev’s Red Dentate (Diflora)
Triton (Diflora)
Umgenkrempelt (Diflora)
UPO #11 (Diflora)
Vigorous (JH)
Werewolf (Cooks)
Whale (Rainbow Carnivorous)
Wine Mouth (Diflora)
WIP Slim Snapper (FTS)
Yellow/White (Diflora)
* Typical (hundreds)

D. capensis "Large form" (seed bank)
D. capensis seed grown (evenwind)
D. filiformis var Floridana "All Red" (seed bank)
D. x Hercules (Hunter Flytraps)
D. Spatulata (ICPS) Royal Nat’l Park, Sydney (evenwind)
D. something? (evenwind)

Leucophylla (Panman)
Purp hybrid (Panman)
Purp from Lowes/Home Depot
Moorei Great White (FTS)
Oreophilia x Leah Wilkerson (FTS)

Wishlist: any flytrap I don’t already have
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By VFTnPups
Posts:  221
Joined:  Mon Jul 25, 2016 1:08 pm
List updated with recent Diflora order.
57E2F587-2124-44A2-B118-E320DC61BD6B.jpeg (3.32 MiB) Viewed 2665 times
15C2DAE7-0BC6-43D5-B070-F70A4125236A.jpeg (1.03 MiB) Viewed 2665 times
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By VFTnPups
Posts:  221
Joined:  Mon Jul 25, 2016 1:08 pm
Updated 3/20/2023

Dionaea m.

Coq Couché x Up-Giant #1
Diflora All Red
Gold Strike
Green Wizard x Harlequin #3
Red Cup Trap
Red Periscope
Rouge Sombre
Trev’s Red Dentate
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By VFTnPups
Posts:  221
Joined:  Mon Jul 25, 2016 1:08 pm
Lost my D. Filifomis tracyi and S. Siskiyou autumn to the unpredictable spring weather. 80° highs and 30° lows wrecked my plants in March and April. Next year, I’ll have to keep all my plants in until May.
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