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By Sharmagnep
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Joined:  Sun May 29, 2022 5:21 am
I made this ping rock with a pumice stone and peat with sand around it to grow utricularias. Everything was doing good for a couple of months until this slime algae? Started growing. The baby pings aren’t growing. I took the pings off and scraped as much of the algae off but there is still some left. Can I spray the rock with a mix of hydrogen peroxide and distilled water or will that harm the pings when I put them back?

I am letting them dry out as much as possible but I am afraid it will kill the utricularias..

Or are utricularias more hardy than that? I have Sandersonii and calycifida.
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By Gary
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Joined:  Fri Jul 08, 2022 3:23 pm
Good question. H2O2 (3%) is a mildly aggressive oxidizer, but it's activity decreases rapidly. It doesn't leave a residue (except plain water). I've sprayed it directly onto Capes when knocking down white mold growth with no adverse effects.
I'm not sure that peroxide will solve your algae problem, though, and anything that effectively kills the algae will likely harm the plants. It's worth a try, if you choose to use it, let us know what happens.
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