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By AhmtBgraa
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Joined:  Fri May 06, 2022 2:40 pm
Hello everyone. A few days ago, unfortunately, I met spider mites. Those who are curious can look at my previous article. To summarize briefly, I first came across these monsters in my flycatcher in dormancy, and then in my flycatcher where I grew up with light indoors. And really amazingly they showed up in 1 night and were everywhere. I immersed my sleeping flycatcher in water and it will remain so for 1 week. I plan to do the same in my flycatcher, which I look at indoors. This flycatcher woke up about 1 week ago.5 days ago I switched to a new soil and pot. I preferred a very long pot as a pot. I will have to use a lot of water to immerse it with its long pot. So my plan is to take it out of the pot and immerse it in water for 1 week. Then I will wrap a wet or damp napkin around the roots and wait for 1 week. I will immerse it in water again for 3-5 days, depending on the situation. And if there is no problem, I will plant it again in a new soil. Do you think this could lead to the death of a flycatcher who has just woken up and whose flower stalk has been cut? For reasons such as root rot or stress. Or would your suggestion be to soak the pot in water? Another possibility is to use a drug for spider mites. The first of the drugs has cinnamon essence. The second is a blend of 94% canola oil, 5% triethanolamine, and 1% coriander oil. I have to say that both drugs are sold under the title of "organic". Which of these drugs would be the more correct choice for the Venus Flytrap? Apart from all this, I still need to know whether you recommend the method of immersion in water or the method of medication. It was a bit of a long and complicated post. I'm sorry for that. And thank you so much to everyone who tried to help.
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By Carnies
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I would highly recommend using AVID from, just mix 1ml in 1 gallon of water.
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By VFTnPups
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I believe OP is located outside the US. They wouldn’t be able to purchase from FTS and Avid and other toxic miticides might be banned in their country.

I don’t know about the two chemical treatments you’ve listed in your original post, but if they contain oil make sure not to use them during daylight hours. Your plants will burn. I would stick with soaking your infested plants in pure water. If you’re worried about rot and stress, can you slip pot into a smaller pot? I don’t think keeping its roots wrapped in a towel for a week is a good idea. Also, try soaking for only 1-3 days and then again 3 days later. Two of my vft had red spider mites on them this summer and I submerged them in water for 24 hours every 3 days. I put a tiny amount (like a tip of a toothpick) of dishwashing liquid in the water to break the surface tension to make sure the mites drowned and didn’t survive by floating to the top.
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By AhmtBgraa
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Joined:  Fri May 06, 2022 2:40 pm
@VFTnPups, Thanks to you too. After what you've said, I don't see medicine as an option. The likelihood of root rot from immersion in water seemed less likely than if the drug killed the plant. I started a 5-day immersion process. And I took my B52 type, which was also asleep, out of its 3-day dive and left it to dry. I think he had already killed the mites on the cold weather. Because the mites were still standing on the leaves and looked like mud. When I touched it with a toothpick, they turned into something like slime. Still, I'm thinking of immersing it in water again just in case the egg is in case. I don't think the eggs will come out in the coming days as the weather is still cold. So after checking every day I will do it on the first day I see the mite. I will immerse my flycatcher, which I grew with artificial light, back into the water about 5-7 days after leaving it to dry. It is warm inside, and I believe that the mites will hatch during this time.Finally, can air bubbles in the water cause mites to survive? If you think this is possible, do you have a favorite method to eliminate blisters?
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By Barlapipas 6
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You can kinda shake it so the stuck air bubbles can go to the surface. I usually shake mine one time a day but mine has almost no bubbles so you might need to do it some times.
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