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Questionable traders, advice on transactions

Posted: Thu Aug 20, 2020 11:38 pm
by ChefDean
A few members have approached me with complaints of trades, seeking help to reach a resolution. I helped where I could, and it seems as though the transactions are well on their way to bring satisfactorily completed.

That being said, it should be known that any transaction entered into is voluntary, and is ultimately the responsibility of those who agree to it. It is expected that all parties will honor their agreement. This thread is intended as a guide to assist members with advice and suggestions in conducting transactions, not an end all template that must be followed.

First and foremost, FlytrapCare Forums,, Matt, Leah, any Moderators, or Admins accept no responsibility or liability for any transaction entered into by any member. Nor do any of us have the authority to force a resolution.

Caveat Emptor - Buyer beware.

For purchases:
Sellers: A picture is worth a thousand words. Show the actual plant you're selling. If that's not possible, show a representative pic with the disclaimer "Not actual plant".

List the asking price and indicate whether it will be shipped potted, bare root, or other. Also list shipping costs if they are extra, above and beyond the asking price. List acceptable payment methods. It is suggested that you use online payment platforms (PayPal, Venmo, etc.) to protect all parties. Cash is not recommended, but is sometimes the only option. Work out the details via PM, and retain the PM's for documentation of the transaction. It is suggested you verify receipt of payment before you ship.

Buyers: Know what you're buying before you agree. It is suggested that you only do a direct purchase when dealing with another member. The more convoluted it gets, the greater the chance if it going sideways. Get pics, use PM, get documentation, don't complicate things.

Be very clear not only on what you have to offer, but what the other party is offering in return. Communicate via PM to document the agreement.

Do a bit of research on the other party. If they joined the forum yesterday, ie. new member, maybe have them fulfill their end first, at least send it and provide a tracking number as proof of shipping prior to you sending your end of the agreement. Search for their name in the "Sales, Trades, and Wants" topic for previous transactions to see their track record. Most members will have a stellar record of transactions, but you need to verify or trust them to do the right thing. After the trade is completed, post on that thread your experience to help other members in making a decision on whether to move forward with a trade.

It is ultimately up to you on how to proceed, how to follow through, and how to resolve the transaction.

This thread will also serve to warn members of people that have not held up their end. Those members will ONLY be added by Modmins, after an extensive investigation.

Our last resort will be to publish the names of the members that failed to fulfill their end of the "gentleman's agreement". But it is hoped that a resolution will be reached prior to Modmin involvement.

Please do your due diligence, I would hate to add a name to this blacklist. It will be an uphill battle to get it removed.

Do the right thing.