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By MrB1664
Posts:  7
Joined:  Mon Apr 10, 2023 11:48 am
Hi all. Long story short. 2 years ago I bought a VFT from the garden centre for my daughter who as kids do lost all interest in it after a few weeks.. I however was fascinated by the thing and as such it has turned into a bit of a hobby. I now have 12 VFTs of various cultivars (See growlist) and growing.. Marvellous little plants. I find they’re also very useful at keeping the local wasp population down during summer BBQs.. I’m here just to chat carnivorous plants and get tips/hints off folks.. Peace ✌️ 🪴
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By Intheswamp
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Joined:  Wed May 04, 2022 2:28 pm
Welcome to the asylum, er,!!!! :mrgreen:
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By sans
Posts:  269
Joined:  Mon Jan 16, 2023 10:39 pm
@MrB1664, If you want some more baby plants, go to the seed bank to get free seeds (except for the cost of a stamp) seed-bank.html

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