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By NineLine
Posts:  35
Joined:  Tue Feb 07, 2023 4:19 am
Hey y'all. New to the carnivorous plant hobby. My only carnivore is a Drosera Capensis, and it has probably been my myst successful plant. Got it as a 2-in pot with about 6 plants, let it grow, then split it, gave a bunch away, and replanted three of them into a 6-in. They have overtaken the thing and are spitting out seeds and babies like they're Oprah with cars. Looking forward to expanding my collection a bit!
By Barlapipas 6
Posts:  258
Joined:  Tue Aug 30, 2022 11:26 pm
Welcome to the forum. You can learn a LOT of things here. Care guides, experiments and a lot more. This includes nearly all of carnivorous plant and even some non-carnivorous plants. Happy growing :mrgreen:
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By NineLine
Posts:  35
Joined:  Tue Feb 07, 2023 4:19 am
Yes! I have, and I'm excited! Last month I got some mixed threadleaf, and this month I got a d. binata, VFT OP, and d. intermedia. Hoping to have some new sprouts in the coming months!
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