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By MissPing
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Joined:  Sun May 29, 2022 7:59 am
Recently I have become increasingly worried about the colour of my pings. It is because I moved one of my aphrodite's to a window upstairs to help my familys fruit fly problem. On the window it got less light hours but obiously the sun is stronger than any growlight. My concern is that the aphrodites I left under the growlight have remained very pale whereas the one on the window became much a darker green with wider leaves. Now the logical side of me assumes that it because less light hours means they need more chlorophyl and a wider surface area to photosynthesis efficiently but the other side is worried that the pale ones are unwell. The one from the window just looks so much healthier. Also they were roughly the same size when I moved it. Does anyone have any pings that get full sun all day that are a light green colour with thin leaves? Is it normal? I will attach a photo comparing the two. The left is the growlight only and the right is the one from the window.
Aphrodite pings comparison aug 27th 2022.jpg
Aphrodite pings comparison aug 27th 2022.jpg (1.41 MiB) Viewed 1432 times
SIde note; the growlight is bright enough to make my pings blush ie. the ones that do like cyclosecta, laueana, emarginata...
By Bug_cemetery
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It’s the light! My Aphrodite that is under a yescom panel is quite pale (almost white with a pink blush) and slow growing. I would not say it’s unhealthy but I think your happy green plant is showing how it thrives with less light stress.

Okay. Thank you.

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