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By Will 90
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Joined:  Thu Jan 13, 2022 5:35 am

I left a post the other day because I had suspected that my flytrap had mites but I did not obtain any advice on how I might resolve this issue in response to this post.

At the time of posting that initial post I had just seen some webbing on and around the plant but I now have more specific evidence to suggest that mites are the issue: the other night when I checked my plant before bed I noticed multiple tiny little bugs crawling around on the inside of the pot (just above the surface level of the peat mix). I have read some stuff online that suggested to me that you can't see the mites that are harmful to flytraps actually moving around, although my pot is bright white so maybe that made it easier to see for me? Or maybe the fact that I saw them move simply means they weren't the bad mites after all. But even if they were the good mites that I saw, the presence of even good mites indicates I surely have the bad mites (since the good ones eat the bad ones from what I understand).

I repotted my plant recently because it looked sick and when I did that I found some root rot. I think what may have happened though is that following the repotting process (and the removal of the root rot), my plant got the mites issue. So I think its poor condition now could have been a result of both issues combined (the root rot originally, and the mites now?)

If someone could please let me know if this sounds like mites and what to do about it if so, I'd greatly appreciate it. I attached some photos of my plant below.

D6B8C82B-C17B-4BC9-943D-6A340A81C060.jpeg (3.35 MiB) Viewed 685 times
B8185771-A6EA-46D8-98A8-4EA18E005E22.jpeg (3.37 MiB) Viewed 685 times
By VFTnPups
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If you saw them move around they’re probably predatory mites or globular springtails. It doesn’t look like your plant has mite damage. Spider mites are tiny, unmoving specks usually reddish-brown in color. First you would see mite damage, then upon closer inspection, you would see tiny mites on your leaf blade or traps. Both predatory mites and springtails are beneficial and you would want them on your plant. Your plant is probably just recovering from repotting. How old is your vft? Sometimes it can take awhile to acclimate especially if you were dealing with rot earlier.
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By Panman
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I don't see any signs of mite damage. I do see what may be some sunburn on a plant that looks like it hadn't been in strong sun before. The webs could be from fungus gnats or spiders. How long have you had it, how do you water it, and when did you repot it?
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By optique
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the deck rail its sitting on make overheat looking at it.

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