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By Shadowtski
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Special Thanks go out to MoCarnivore for his donation.

These are two new species for our seed bank :
5 packs of Drosera tomentosa var Tomentosa with location data. This is a highland(ish) Brazilian species.
4 packs of Drosera venusta. This is a relatively easy to grow South African rosetted species but rarely produces seed. (at least for me)

Also donated are 8 packs Drosera sessilifolia, 6 packs D. natalensis, and 7 packs D. brevifolia.

These new species are available immediately to Seed Bank donors and will be available to general membership on 6/25/2018.

You donors, out there, are the reason our FlyTrapCare Community Seed Bank is still functioning.

Thank You to all of you!

Good growing,
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