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By Outsider
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I have a small gigantea that I've had in my windowsill for a couple of months with no issues. Over the last week the leaves have all started turning a sickly yellow with some red spotting. Am I overwatering it? If not, I'm not sure what's wrong because it's been happy for a while in this spot.
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By Outsider
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Arkansas, USA. I monitor temperature and humidity on the windowsill so it doesn't get too hot now that summer is arriving.
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By DragonsEye
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If the leaves are still firm and slimy, then you are likely okay. If you are like most of us, you daylength and sun intensity are increasing this time of year. IME, gigantea turns more chartruese/yellow when light intensity gets higher. So you could move it to a spot with less direct sun.

I've never seen red spots on mine. If the leaves are firm and slimy, then I would suspect damage from pests is unlikely. My moranensis gets a red blush with more intense light, but I have never seen this with gigantea. If the leaves changing are the oldest leaves, they just may be dying off.
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