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By Lilyofthevalley9
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Hi everyone! I have these wonderful heliamphora heterodexa x minor and pinguicula primuliflora growing inside a cool and humid terrarium. I also have a S. Rosea inside and am skipping only the first year dormancy for the other sarrecenia before they go back outside. I have 2 yescom 225 panels, on on top, one on the side. The lid is temporary but allows some ventilation underneath the lid without letting too much humidity escape. I tried to put the heliamphora on top of pots however it was too tall so there on top of glass bowls. Anyone want to see me eventually move them into a larger terrarium? I plan on putting the heliamphora back on tall 5 to 6 inch pots to keep them out of the water and putting aquatic utrics in with waterwheel plants on the bottom in with salvinia or duckweed. I currently feed them freeze dried bloodworms.
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