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By Sundews69
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Hey all,

Sorry for being so inactive lately! I've been pretty focused on getting my set up fixed before I have anymore loses.

Anyways, I just have a few questions about some of my VFTs waking up from dormancy

1. My plants don't get much light because they are in the basement for dormancy and now they are very green! I would like to put them outdoors to get them more light but the temps are too inconsistent. It was 65F yesterday and was 20F earlier today. I also can't put them in my set up because I don't have space lol. What do can I do? We are finishing our basement so grow lights aren't an option.

2. My plants started waking up earlier than I expected, maybe in mid February. Then my coquillage started putting up a flower which I would like to propagate. When should I chop these?
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3. The other day I found two VFT cultivars that had puffy brown mold growing all over them. It appeared very quickly. Then before I noticed it managed to killed my Big Dracula. Now the other plant that had the mold it half dead. Is he salvageable?
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Thanks for any help!
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By wcrosman
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I am putting mine outside during the day when its above freezing and sunny. Bringing them in at night because its still below freezing at night here. Traps are doing great.
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